2014 Recipient: “Bailey” – Tim Smith

In 2007 the Los Angeles Kings introduced a new member to their team, a mascot who they touchingly named in honor and memory of Ace. Thus “Bailey” began his career as a fuzzy and lovable 6’ 4’ lion who wears the number 72 in order to brag to the rest of us about the average temperature in L.A. As with all the mascots of the NHL and AHL, Bailey delights children and provides a focal point for them to begin to enjoy the game of hockey. Among L.A. fans Bailey has become a household name. Among Ace’s family he has become much loved both as “Bailey” and out of his leonine costume as our friend, Tim Smith.

Bailey spends most of his time raising money for the Kings Care Foundation. Demand for him is high and he makes an average of 475 appearances annually. His “Bailey’s Buddies” is one of the top kids clubs in the NHL.

When asked what aspect of playing the character of “Bailey” he most enjoys Tim said, “The aspect of Bailey that I am most proud of is the simple act of bringing a smile to a child’s or even a parent’s face. Allowing them to feel like they are a part of the Kings means so much to them and knowing that I’m impacting their lives in such a positive way is very motivating. It is hard for a fan to get close to players and “Bailey” provides a little piece of the team that can make a child’s year. I know this is how Ace lived his life and I’m happy that I can keep a little bit of that going in L.A.!”

Because we are thrilled and honored to have “Bailey” out there making kids happy and carrying on Ace’s legacy we are proud to present him with our 2014 Ace Bailey Good Guy Award.