Thank You Everyone Who Attended the 2019 Face Off For Ace!

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Good Guy and Ace's Heart Awards

Kerry Collins

2019 Good Guy Recipiant

Kerry Collins is a widely beloved powerhouse of charity work both in Boston and throughout the NHL. In her position as Senior Director of Community Relations for the Boston Bruins she is responsible for developing and leading all community relations programs including youth hockey, education and player initiatives. She does all this work with a great deal of kindness, passion, and enthusiasm. Previously Collins worked for New England Sports Network (NESN) and SportsRadio 850 WEEI in Marketing and Promotions. She joined the Boston Bruins in 2003 and recently was promoted to Senior Director of Community Relations.

Collins is actively involved in and serves on the boards for many charities including Franciscan Children’s, Cystic Fibrosis, March of Dimes, Irish Cultural Center of New England, and the Progeria Research Foundation. She enjoys traveling the world, watching sports, and she is an avid runner. Kerry’s goal is to run a half marathon in every U.S. state in the next five years. Kerry is a native of Marshfield, MA. She received her degree in Business Management from Plymouth State College. Kerry has been the liaison between the Boston Bruins organization and the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation for the past sixteen years. In that time we’ve come to know what members of the wider hockey community and so many other charities know: Kerry Collins is most definitely a very, very Good Guy!

Caroline Bavis and Tessa Smith

Ace's Heart

Each year we recognize and honor an individual that has gone out of their way and above-and-beyond to help the foundation. This year we wish to recognize two young women who are seniors in high school and have run Christmas toy drives for Ace’s Place for the past four years. They are Caroline Bavis (Mark Bavis’s niece) and her friend, Tessa Smith. Caroline and Tessa have come to Face Off for Ace over the past four years as volunteers to sell keys for the raffle. Both Caroline and Tessa will be graduating from high school this spring and going off to college in the fall. After attending Face Off for Ace for the first time during their freshman year, Caroline contacted me to suggest that she and Tessa organize a toy drive to provide Christmas presents for kids through Ace’s Place.

Most people want to donate toys for small children, but Caroline and Tessa correctly realized the need for gifts for teenagers who are often overlooked in the pediatric setting. So beginning in 2015 they went out to family and friends to make an appeal. In the first year they raised $1,800 to buy toys, in 2016 they raised $2,000, in 2017 they upped it to $3,500, and this past Christmas they raised an amazing $7,000 for Ace's Place in cash donations and donated items including three iPads, two iPad Mini's, iPod’s and two Portals. That’s a substantial amount of money for high schoolers to raise but even more impressive is the learning curve that they travelled in increasing donations annually. With the money they bought teen and “tween” appropriate gifts and delivered them personally to inpatient kids. It’s a wonderful thing to see them going from room to room, greeting hospitalized kids and bringing joy to teens who are ill around the holidays. We are all very grateful to Caroline and Tessa and wish them all the best as they go off to college in the fall.

What's New: The Toughlings

We have recently finished redecorating the exam/treatment rooms in the Floating Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Emergency Department with the adventures of the Toughlings.

The Toughlings remind kids that, “You don’t have to be big to be strong.” The Toughlings are wonderfully colorful cartoon characters created just for the Floating Hospital, each of whom has a personal strength that will help pull them through difficulties. The characters and their adventures are being spread throughout the hospital in wall panels, books, stickers, etc. and on a website. Kids can select a favorite from among these small animal characters––one that they identify with––and then they will find their “pal” in each of the various clinics. The medical staff’s identification badges are clipped in place with an image of one of the characters and staff is able to discuss the Toughlings with their young patients. It’s a in-depth program and will help the kids to feel comfortable and entertained while being treated. We have added The Toughlings to the main hospital foyer and the mezzanine level, and have also added them to the Pediatric Emergency Department.

The Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation is working with the Floating Hospital for Children to make the hospital environment more welcoming to kids with the addition of The Toughlings

It’s about welcoming kids into spaces that are designed just for them — to connect with them, to delight them and put them at ease.